Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to Sparkly Snowflakes


Welcome to Sparkly Snowflakes

The Brighter Light, A Kid-Adult Poeming Month, January 2013

Here is a little introduction to our team members and where we live in the United States. 

We have three members on our team, one adult and two non-adults. 

My name is Dr. Pearl Ketover PrilikI am the adult of the team. People sometimes just call me PKP .  In case you were wondering I am not the kind of doctor that you go to get a shot or something, I am the kind of doctor you go to if you have a problem that you want to talk about.   I am also a writer.  I have written about 700 poems, some of which got published in journals and four books which were published a very long time ago.

The other members of our team are my two "Grand-girls"
 Halle Lynn and Rori Cate  

(My team-mates will be telling you more about themselves in another post.)

Through this month of January our team the Sparkly Snowflakes will be working together and posting poems as part of the Bright Light Poetry Challenge which sounds like a huge amount of fun!

I live on the south shore of Long Island in a place called Lido Beach, New York which is close to the Atlantic Ocean.  There was just a very large hurricane named Sandy, which has been called a "Superstorm."  It is over now and everything is returning to normal.

My two "Grand-Girls, "Halle Lynn and Rori Cate live in Newton Massachusetts.


You will learn more about both Halle Lynn and Rori Cate as we go through the month.  They have recently moved from Colorado which brings them much closer to me in New York, which makes me very happy and has been a very big change for them. 

Halle Lynn is 10 and a half and Rori Cate is 7 and a half.  I am more than 50 and a half ... and we will leave the rest of my years to what is called "poetic license" - which means that you can change the truth a little bit in the name of poetry.

Poetry is what we three will be doing during this month.  Just this morning, we were together for a visit and put our heads together and came up with our team name - The Sparkling Snowflakes

You might notice that our team name is the Sparkly Snowflakes.  This change was our first decision as a team.   I think we will work very well together.  We are all looking forward to the first prompt and hope that you will enjoy our poems.  We haven't decided yet how we will create our poems as a team, but that will be part of the fun.  We will let you know this exciting journey moves along for us and we can't wait to find out about all of you out there all over the world!

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